For everything, you could possibly need for around your home, garden or farm. Coochin Creek Fruitgrowers Co-operative in Beerwah has a huge range of products and services.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about our Coochin Creek Fruitgrowers Co-Operative, please browse some of our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us

Do you sell hardware?

Yes, we have an extensive range of general hardware to suit most needs for around your home, farm or business.

Do you arrange soil and leaf sampling?

Yes, our agronomists are fully qualified specialists that can undertake sample collections on site and send off the samples to the laboratories for analysis. After the analysis is completed our agronomists can then provide you with a full report of recommendations for improving your crop business

Do you sell to the general public or just to farmers?

We sell to everyone. Whilst we are a rural supplies business, we also sell to the general public and offer a wide range of premium commercial grade products as well as standard domestic stock merchandise.

I'm a farmer or business owner so can I become a Co-operative member?

Yes, subject to approval by our board. Click on the link below for an application form. You also need to purchase 250 shares at $2 each to be eligible. Download an application form.

What benefits are there to being a Co-operative member?

Not only do you get the benefit of the Co-operative buying power but you may be eligible for 3% early payment discount off all your purchases in the Co-op and Shell service station

I have a farm, so is there any advice you can give to help me ensure success?

Yes, we have several qualified specialists in primary production including agronomists, irrigation engineer, a farm supplies specialist, and horticulturalists. In addition to this, our sales staff are well versed in parts interpretation and farm practices and should be able to answer most general questions.

Do you order in spare parts or specialist items?

Yes, we access hundreds of suppliers from all over Australia. We should be able to find and order in whatever you need.

Do you sell fruit & veggies?

No, whilst we work with farms we only supply raw materials, general supplies and advice to farmers to help grow their crops.

Is your business part of a large corporation?

No, our business has been in existence since 1936 and is owned by local shareholders who are mostly farmers and local business owners. We are extremely proud of our heritage and our contribution to the local community, which includes employment of 30 locals to service our customers.

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