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Extra Heavy Duty Multiwire Ring Top Post G74833

  • The new standard in portable electric fencing.
  • The customer inspired design with “wear proof, stomp proof and tangle proof” features, solved farmers frustration with conventional pigtails. Now we’ve beefed up our Ring Top Post range to cover all portable fencing needs.
  • 10 Pack – G74833


  • Ideal for hard, stony ground and heavy cropping- Heavy duty 7mm diameter steel shaft reduces post bending when driven into the ground.
  • Tough, unbendable foot plate- Foot plate can withstand 360kg of pressure so will not bend or deform.
  • Choose your wire heights and spacing – Pre-formed notches allow multiple customised wire heights and ring top head enables single wire use.
  • Strong, secure insulators- Glass filled nylon Multi-wire Ring Top Post insulators (G75033) “snap on” to post to form a reliable connection and are conveniently replaced.
  • Reduced risk of shorting – Wear resistant, patented glass filled nylon ring top head eliminates the risk of shorting on the top wire.
  • Easy to pull out – Ring top head creates a convenient handle for pulling the post out of the ground.
  • Reliable ground holding -7mm steel foot spike prevents the post from rotating once inserted into the ground.
  • Post Height -875mm(measured from foot plate).