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Greenworld Organics Chicken Manure

Ideal for the reawakening of all gardens.


Rich composted Chicken Manure great for all plants and vegetables

Greenworld Organics Chicken Manure is a brilliant and nutrient enriched blend for your garden.

  • Rich Composted Poultry Manure Blend
  • Low Odour
  • Great For All Plants & Vegetables
  • Improves Soil Structure & Water Retention
  • Feeds Earthworms & Other Soil Biology
  • Excellent Source of Micro-Nutrients

This fully composted product provides an excellent source of nutrition for all plants in need of a quick nitrogen boost. Greenworld Organics Chicken Manure is perfect for use in vegetable and flower gardens along with using around trees and shrubs.

The strict composting process used in the production of Chicken Manure has resulted in a low-odour and safe material to handle. A well-structured soil is essential for plant growth, so consider using Greenworld Organics Chicken Manure in your garden. It is an excellent form of organic matter, and can be added to all soil types prior to planting or to recondition the soil and supply much needed nutrients to plants.

Available in 25L bags.


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