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Incitec CK88 25kg

Crop King 88 Fertilser is a great all round lawn & garden fertilser. Mainly used in tree crops.

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Crop King 88 Fertilser is a great all round lawn & garden fertilser.

A NPKS fertiliser blend, containing potassium as muriate of potash, i.e. as chloride.

Mainly used in tree crops.

Also used as a planting fertiliser in some vegetable and forage crops on alluvial soils with a high phosphorus status.

For couch and other summer-growing lawns and playing fields

Water in after application.

N: 15.1% P: 4.4% K: 11.5% S: 13.6%
Nitrogen (N) Ammonium Form 15.1% w/w
Phosphorus (P) Water Soluble 3.9% w/w
Phosphorus (P) Citrate Soluble 0.4% w/w
Phosphorus (P) Total 4.4% w/w
Potassium (K) as Chloride 11.5% w/w
Sulfur (S) as Sulfate 13.6% w/w
Fluoride (F) Maximum 0.70% w/w
Fluoride g/kg P (F) Maximum 50g/kg P
Cadmium (Cd) Maximum 10mg/kg
Cadmium (Cd) Maximum 150mg/kg P
Lead (Pb) Maximum 20mg/kg

Mercury (Hg) Maximum 5.0mg/kg

Safety Data Sheet link below.