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IQ Pool Solutions Nil-Phos

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  • Prevents algae growth by removing phosphates

250 g/l Lanthanum Chloride

Optimum strength to ensure rapid removal of Phosphates. Water may initially become cloudy as Phosphates drops out but will clear. IQ Maxi Clear Tablets or Pool Solutions Super Clear are recommended to accelerate clarification. See IQ Nil-Phos Phosphate Testing Station.

  • Application Rate:

Maintenance: 500ml per 50,000 litres

High Phosphates: (> 1 ppm phosphate) 1 ltr per 50,000 litres

Available in 1 ltr (IPNP5001)

Also available in 2.5 ltr (IPNP5025) and 20 ltr drum (IPNP5020) – order in only.


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