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One Tank System with Desktop Touchscreen Display G98133

Detect and repair water supply issues before they become a crisis. A complete, simple solution for the monitoring and management of tank water and other fluids.


Wireless Water Level Monitoring User Manual



The system includes a touchcreen desktop LCD display unit, a tank unit, and a level sensor:

Desktop Touchscreen Display Unit

  • Shows the tank information at a glance
  • Easy to operate high res 2.8″ colour touchscreen display
  • Up to nine Tank Units can be monitored via one Display Unit
  • Also used to set up and control the Wireless Pump Controller
  • Can be mounted on a wall using the keyhole on the back of the unit

Tank Unit

  • Transmits the data measured by the sensor to the Display Unit
  • The Tank Unit needs to be line of sight with the Touchscreen Display
  • Unit Solar powered – no need to change batteries
  • Standard multi directional antenna for shorter distances (see Tech Specs) – can be upgraded with Long/Ultra Long Ranger Directional Antenna to increase range
  • Strong weather resistant materials for durability in farming conditions

Level Sensor (4m or 10m options)

  • Measures liquid level in the tank using pressure
  • Super high quality materials and construction for long life. [link to Tech Specs]
  • Precision locking connector
  • Automatic calibration.