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Searles Cyclamen & African Violet Mix 10Lt

A refined blend of premium ingredients for growing stunning Cyclamen & African Violets


Searles Cyclamen & African Violet Mix is a professional blend of high quality ingredients selected to produce a mix structure for optimum root and plant growth.

– Contains 9 months Robust ®.
– Boosted with Searles Flourish ® for better growth.
– Helps save water, hold water and reduce dry-out with Penetraide ® & water crystals.
– Contains peat, zeolite & trace elements for complete plant health.
– Contains Peat Moss plus Premium Organic Compost.

Plant Positioning

African violets and cyclamens require well-lit filtered light to maintain healthy growth. Position plants at least 30cm away from a window or place on a well-lit verandah. Protect from afternoon direct sun.