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Searles Iron Sulphate

Essential element in the formation of Chlorophyll.

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Iron is an essential element in the formation of chlorophyll and enzymes within the plant.

Iron is present in the soil as ferric ions (Fe3+) which is converted to ferrous ions (Fe2+) by the plant’s roots before being taken up. The availability of iron to plants can be limited by over-irrigation or wet conditions, low aeration, and low soil temperature. Chemical imbalance within the soil may also limit the availability of iron to the plant. High calcium and bicarbonates within the growing media will result in high pH, which in turn reduces the availability of iron in the soil.

When the appearance of the plant suffers due to the reduction in iron availability, the plant is said to be deficient in iron. Deficiency symptoms vary somewhat with plant species, however a general symptom is the yellowing in between leaf veins. This is most noticeable in the younger leaves. There is usually a sharp distinction between the yellow and green portions. Fruit may also have poor colour. In severe cases, the whole leaf turns yellow, including the veins. Deficiencies are most common in alkaline soils with a pH of 7.5 or higher.

Some Australian native plants are very sensitive to the nutrient Phosphorus(P). Iron sulphate can be beneficial for use around these plants as the iron sulphate helps to lock up phosphorus in the soil and also acidify the soil at the same time.

Iron sulphate is often used on acid-loving plants, such as azaleas, camellias and gardenias. Simply sprinkle some iron sulphate onto the soil around these plants and water in. Not only will it help deliver essential Iron to these plants but also reduce the soil pH which in turn helps to make the Iron in the soil more beneficial. For severe cases of high pH (over 7), use Sulphur Powder to reduce pH, however in mild cases the Iron sulphate will achieve a beneficial and satisfactory result.

– Available size: 500g.

MSDS Iron Sulphate