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Slasher Organic Weedkiller

Slasher Organic Weedkiller kills a broad range of weeds as well as moss, algae and lichen. It is non selective and works on contact to rapidly desiccate and burn weeds. Use anywhere around the house including garden beds, veggie patches, paths and driveways.

  • Organic controls of weeds, moss, algae and lichen
  • Fast acting and effective (see results within hours)
  • Certified for use in organic gardening with no lasting soil residues
  • Safe for veggie patches (no withholding period)
  • Made from natural plant extracts

Slasher SDS




Slasher Organic Weedkiller can be used safely in and around plants without any risk of off target drift causing irreversible damage when used under normal spraying conditions. No residues also means SLASHER will not cause any sub-lethal residual effects on surrounding plants and unlike some other herbicides will not upset the fertility of soils.


Slasher Organic Weedkiller can be used safety around areas where children and pets play and where other animals might graze after the spray has dried. This makes SLASHER a very versatile herbicide which can be used in just about all horticultural, agricultural and amenity horticultural situations as per DIRECTIONS FOR USE.


Slasher Organic Weedkiller will also control Moss, Algae, Lichen and Liverworts in paths, rockeries, tiled roofs, walls and driveways. This makes SLASHER very useful to Landscapers, Councils and other Parks and Garden officers who can safely use the product not only on weeds but across all surfaces where you might otherwise have to use a more corrosive or soil damaging heavy metal (Copper based) algaecide.


As the Grounds Manager for PLC we are continually looking for ways to reduce our chemical footprint on the beautiful bushland setting in which the school resides. Due to the very large areas we manage and topography, physical and mechanical weed control is near impossible in some areas, hence we have to use herbicides. Due to our desire to reduce the amount of residual chemicals we use and concerns around the use of Glyphosate based herbicides we decided to trial Slasher Organic Weedkiller in some of our environmentally sensitive areas and where students may frequent. We were very pleased with the performance of Slasher in these areas and will continue to use the product.

Cameron Munro, Pymble Ladies College NSW


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