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Zubat Large Tooth Blades

  1. Impulse Hardened on the teeth tips only so the blade is not brittle.
  2. Stays sharp longer (three to four sharpens of an ordinary blade).
  3. Proprietary GOM rubber handle that doesn’t get slippery, no matter how much you sweat.
  4. Pull saws are more ergonomic (cut on the pull stroke which is more natural).
  5. The blades are taper ground to reduce friction as the blade cuts through the branch.


Zubat handsaws are the handsaws of choice for many arborists in the tree maintenance and removal business.

The Zubat blade is impulse hardened and is, what is called, a full tang blade. This means that the blade and handle are in one piece with a rubber GOM handle that slides over the tang and is held in place by two screw sets. This makes a very strong saw as there is no weak point where the blade is joined to the handle.

The Zubat is a pull saw, it cuts as you pull the saw towards you. The benefit of this is that the blade is not as thick as on a saw that you push because it is very difficult to pull a piece of steel and break it. Combine the pull action with the full tang blade and you have a very efficient saw that doesn’t require as much effort to cut with.

The impulse hardening keeps the Zubat teeth sharper for longer. A sharpenable blade will be sharpened three to four times in the life of a non-sharpenable Zubat blade.

Large Tooth Handsaw 240mm

Blade length:-240mm or 9.5inches

Teeth per 30mm/in:-7.5/6.4

Weight:- 130g

Zubat Large Tooth Handsaw 300mm

Blade length:-300mm or 11.8 inches

Teeth per30mm/in:-7.5/6.4

Weight:- 151g

Zubat Large Tooth Handsaw 330mm

Blade length:-330mm or 13 inches

Teeth per30mm/in:-7.5/6.4


Zubat Fine Tooth Handsaw 330mm

Blade length:-330mm or 13 inches

Teeth per 30mm/in:-10/8.5