For everything, you could possibly need for around your home, garden or farm. Coochin Creek Fruitgrowers Co-operative in Beerwah has a huge range of products and services.

February 2018. Stage one of our renovations commenced at the start of February with all the Shell signage being replaced with modern versions and painting of all the Shell exterior. Its all looking fresh and clean.

Stage two will commence in the coming weeks when we replace all our fuel pumps with new multi hose fuel pumps which for you the customer means instead of just getting one or two hoses per pump there will be up to six hoses on most pumps which also means less frustration waiting for the fuel you want to buy.

We’ll also be increasing the quantity of Diesel fuel hoses substantially to better cater for this increasingly popular fuel choice.

We appreciate your patience during our renovations and hope you continue to support the Beerwah Shell and Fruit Growers Co-operative for years to come.